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Date : 7.NOV.1996 Subject : TOHO 9000 - 1250 Hours Endurance Test at AVL Dear Mr. Lim, This is to confirm that by request of TOHO International Pte Ltd. of Singapore, AVL has carried out endurance tests for 1250 with TOHO 9000 in accordance with the MAN 500 test procedure equivalent to a vehicle running distance of approximately 100,000 km. This procedure is a well known test for European engine manufacturers and has been carried out with one of the leading 10L European heavy duty engines with a rated power output of 230kW (313 PS). Based on the results of lube oil analysis (wear metal content, TBN, viscosity, insoluble's) Having been monitored throughout the whole test period, the engine with TOHO 9000 and regularly topped up with standard oil did stand for at least 100,000 km without any irregularities. Sincerely yours, AVL LIST GMBH ---------------- M. Egert

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