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sender LIEBHERR MACHINES Subject: TOHO 9000 In LIEBHERR engines Dear Mr. Barroso, we enjoy the strong opposition from OEM when additive firms are going to do their trials at our engines - without giving warranty for our customers and us. Normally the oil-industry is developing lube oil (base-oil and additive) to prove it in quality tests like CCMC, AGFA, API or special firm tests like MB 228.5, MAN 3277 and so on. If you chance components or add components (oil or additive) you donít really know what reaction you get. For example the anti wear additives are not able to do their work, if you have increased the anti corrosive additives. The AVL tests are really carried out on a LIEBHERR engine - with special elements as: bearings, gasket, cam followers and valves. We have results at following: 1. normal wear ratings abnormal reaction in viscosity first TOHO change viscosity rtlveau, second AVL has used SAE IOW-30 lube oil, not 15W-40 how we have provided 3. engine cleanness was good In any way, out of the results of only one endurance test on one engine a generally valid declaration ~s not permissible. Extended field testing is recommended as a next step to assure long term stability and reliability criteria of the engine and the engine lube oil in real life. with best regards LIEBHERR MACHINES BULLE S.A. 8.: 1/1 17/86/97 16:46

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