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To : TOHO Marketing Company Ltd. From : Institute fur Mineralolprodukte und Umweltanalytik Statement You asked me in my capacity as A lube oil chemist to make a statement on the oil additive TOHO 9000 based upon the AVL report BV 0642 of December 1996. The title of the report was "Endurance Test with TOHO 9000 Oil Additive on the Liebherr D926 TI-E Engine." In this report the effect of the oil additive TO1IO 9000 on the aging behavior of engine lube oil was tested. The standard oil Shell Rimula TX I 5W40 WaS used for a comparison test. It is a universal engine oil with a viscosity index of 138, in the data sheet the TBN-E is indicated as 10.0 mg KOH/g and the sulphate ash as 1.2 g/1OOg., i.e. a. the oil contains both ashen additives and ash free additives. A mixture of 85% Shell Rimula TX 10W30 and 15% TOHO 9000 was tested. The viscosity class 10W30 results from the fact that the oil containing the additive should have the same viscosity as the standard lube oil. By adding as much as 15% TOHO 9000 this product is an extender with additive properties. After a endurance test of 1250 hours (MAN-Test) on a Liebherr D926 TI-% heavy-duty L-6 cylinder D.I. diesel engine the following results were observed: The maximum power output, the fuel consumption and the smoke emission were equivalent within the measuring accuracy. The blowby of the engine (with TOHO 9000) dropped by 5-8%. Overall the same good level of engine-out emissions (measured according to the ECE R-49 Test) was observed for all measured emission components (NOx, HC, CO and particles). The 1250-hour-test was performed without any oil change. The engine was filled with 85% standard lube oil and 15% TOHO 9000. The oil consumed was regularly topped up with standard lube oil where as the amount of oil taken out as sample every 50 hours was replaced with the mixture described above, i.e. standard lube oil plus 15% TOHO 9000. The most essential result of the endurance test was the fact that no problems, even after 1250 hours running time, were indicated. The total base number (measured according to ASTM-D-664 or ASTM -D- 2896) is an indicator os still active additive. After 1250 hours running time the TBN of the lube oil containing TOHO 9000 showed an unusually low degradation, which, moreover, appeared during the first 50 hours and thereafter virtually remained constant. Adding TOHO 9000 to Rimula TX 10W30(SAE 10W30 + 15% TOHO 9000) resulted in an initial viscosity increase to a SAE 10W50 class and in a drop with a short running time of 50 hours to a SAE 10W40 class. Then then the viscosity was stable within the SAE 10W40 class up to 1250 hours running time. Mostly, the VI-improvers contained in engine oil are degraded by shearing, which results in a viscosity decrease. The dispersant activity of the lube oil containing TOHO 9000 was still excellent after 1250 hours engine running time. This is important because insoluble residues of combustion, e.g. soot,coke,resin and asphalt like oxidation products, have to be kept in suspension in order to prevent deposits on metal surfaces, oil thickening and sludge formation which, otherwise, can lead to corrosion. Wear metals showed a linear increase in mg metal, which indicates that TOHO 9000 does not influence engine wear. In conclusion, the comparison test performed at AVL showed that the extender TOHO 9000 when used in a mixture of 85% standard lube oil and 15% TOHO 9000 in the engine described above maintains is excellent quality up to 1250 hours running time. Hence an extension of the running time to more that 1250 hours can be recommended (the natural oil consumption has to be topped up), whereas the normal cycle time of oil-changing for this test engine is 250 hours. If the advantages of TOHO 9000 as an additive to engine lube oils, as stated in the AVL report, also prove true on a more general level, this additive will be able to extend the cycle time of oil-changing considerably and, thus, help reduce the amount of waste oil as well (environmental aspect).

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